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Reinventing the
Architecture of Fulfillment

We design holistic blueprints for your wellness, success, and contentment

Since 1998, Vastuworld has offered an all-round approach to architectural design—harmonizing individual occupant energies in tune with their environment and natural ecosystems.

While delving deeply into ancient building wisdom documented by our forefathers, we create dwelling and working spaces that perform optimally in today’s milieu and fulfill your modern-day requirements.

It is my incessant endeavor to update my team’s know-how through research. This updated expertise shapes our architectural consultancy, so that our customized solutions can lead you to enhanced spatial and enriched life experiences.

Sharing our vast knowledge is my way of staying connected with my learnings. Guiding students and practitioners in holistic building is my attempt to complete the natural cycle of learning and growing. We also disseminate our self-learnings about bio building, ecology, and earth spirituality through our monthly Vastu Times.

All these various offerings from Vastuworld are steered by a singular mission – to create harmony at all levels between human beings and the ecosystem through the medium of buildings. So that we can all live better and work better.

Founder, Vastuworld

Vastuworld’s Advanced Energetic System for new construction
and already built space. “NADUHL”

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We balance the human and space energy matrix with the practice of traditional Indian architecture
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