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Reinventing The
Architecture of Fulfillment

Since 1998, Vastuworld has offered an all-round approach to architectural design—harmonizing individual occupant energies in tune with their environment and natural ecosystems.

While delving deeply into ancient building wisdom documented by our forefathers, we create dwelling and working spaces that perform optimally in today’s milieu and fulfill your modern-day requirements.

Ar. Mayank Barjatya
Founder, Vastuworld


Scanning Blueprint

Vastuworld energy consultancy offers a scientific process to get a spatial overhaul and rejuvenated experience of your home or workspace. We help you connect the dots between your health & happiness. This will be our architecture for your enhanced living.

Unsafe Radiation Free Homes

TODAY most people spend more than 90% of their lives inside buildings. During this time the nature of the enclosed environment directly affects the health, quality of life, and productivity of the occupants.Modern buildings, however, clearly have a problem providing a healthy or even appropriate indoor environment. Very few materials can be called perfectly “safe” or “healthy”.


Rectification Solutions

Restorative Bio Resonance Remedies
Recognize and remove imbalances in your new & already built environment: Upgrade to positivity and well being: adopt Vastuworld’s bio resonance rectifications and unleash a rejuvenated mind, spirit, and body. These scientific solutions would tune in to a harmonious frequency around you.

Education and Training

Vastuworld Courses
Be a change maker. Move beyond form, function and aesthetics to embrace happiness and prosperity via fulfilling architecture. Make the most of our vastu knowledge to shape the world positively.

Vastuworld’s Advanced Energetic System

The Naduhl Philosophy

Humans are energetic creatures. We are driven by the prana inside us. Our physical bodies run on energy, and it is energy that separates life from death. 

A building that truly protects and nurtures us would need to address our energetic selves.

That is what Naduhl offers. Naduhl is an architectural model that is not just about human spaces, but energetically harmonized and humanized spaces. Naduhl is a science based on ancient wisdom drawn from sciences like Vastu Shastra and Mayonics, combining it with the energetic understanding of modern science.

Architecture is the Seventh Art

Architecture is not merely the profession of Designing Buildings; it is much more than that! It is a comprehensive process of shaping a cultural landscape, through Art and Science of the built-environment; it is indeed a multi-disciplinary and integrated process spanning Arts, Crafts, Sciences, Technologies and Philosophies.

Prithwe specialises in the following sectors:

  • Bamboo Architecture
  • Earth Architecture
  • Sustainable Building using Natural Building Materials
  • Radiation Free Healthy Homes

Unveiling Ceremony of 48 Infinity Energy Book

Muni Shri Praman Sagarji unveiled Ar. Mayank Barjatya’s book – 48 Infinity Energy at Bawangaja, Madhya Pradesh on 7th August 2019

The 48 Infinity Energy, an extensive research in reintroducing the effects of energy healing with a Jain panegyric- Bhaktamar stotra- with Sacred Geometry and Cymatics is one synergized system, of its kind.

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Comprehensive Monthly Magazine on Energetic Understanding of Traditional Indian Architecture, Vastu Shilpa Shastra, Building Biology and Geopathy.

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