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Geopathy as essential Vastu Science


Restoring the Energy Balance of your Home

The energetic balance of the habitat

The house is considered as the extension of the body of the inhabitant.

Vedic Vastu Shastra is a building science, universal in approach for all human in particular & which allows understanding the energetic influence of the habitat on a person.

It aims to organize the house or the working space in order to profit from the benefits which can come along with an optimal configuration of the premises. .

It considers all harmful effects which the environment can have on a human, on his health, his behaviour and his lifeworld. In other words, one can have the impression of feeling well on a site without realizing the harmful or blocking effects which its configuration can have on the daily life.

With this domain the energetic study of a site has become possible. Often only some tiny remeides or possible changes are sufficient to transform the atmosphere of a space and to restore the environmental energy for the well-being of the inhabitants. Its the same as with bio-energetics..

A more effective Vastu: Acmos method

The energy light which must light in every cell of ourselves must also be present in every room of our house. This energetic balance is the aim of the Vastu and bio-energy practitioner. The advantage of the ACMOS training is that it allows to practice a Vastu Science which integrates the tools and the protocol of the bio-energetic practitioner. The analysis, the remedies and the results become more accurate. For example, Vedic Vastu analyse the five elements & 9-directions which are present in the house. If any element is negative or directional energies are missing the brain will block this aggression which in fact is nothing else than a wave length.. Following the Vedic vastu principles one will ask the inhabitant to include this element using bio-symbols or doing vedic rituals, which is not always possible. Due to the Acmos tools and in this case particularly due to the Acmos - Vastuworld remedies one removes the confusion from the brain which was generated by the missing element. So the brain interprets this missing in another way right up to deleting it from the black list of its cellular memory & including the remedy as replacement for total harmony.

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