Bhaktamar Infinity Energy Cards

The Jains recognized five different kinds of infinity:

  1. Infinity in One Direction
  2. Infinity in Two Directions
  3. Infinity in Area
  4. Infinity Everywhere
  5. Infinity Perpetually

This is quite a revolutionary concept, as the Jains were the first to discard the idea that all infinities were same or equal, an idea prevalent in Europe till the late 19th Century.

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY in Vedic Knowledge has been the motto of The Vastuworld Academy since 1998, Architect Mayank Barjatya the founder scientist has done a holistic research in sacred science of geometry and deep study in theory of Jainism to develop the energy cards.

Sacred Geometry along with 48 sound vibrations of Jain Bhaktamar Sotra has been holographically embedded into 48 color cards following a resonance protocol.

48 Infinity energy cards are unique ready to use solution for Vastu and human energy imbalances. It’s a remedy on quantum level of sound energy healing.

The Black Phi box contains:

  1. Scanning Tools:
    • 1 Tree of Life
    • 3 Tetractys.
  2. 48 Energy Cards
  3. 48 Page Brochure.