We Craft Spatial Experiences

Vastuworld Energy Consultancy offers a scientific process to get a spatial overhaul and rejuvenated experience of your home or workspace. We help you connect the dots between your health & happiness. This will be our architecture for your enhanced living.

The macrocosm of the universe finds reflection in the microcosm of the individual. This divine relationship between the human being and the environment forms the core of Vastu. It is this sacred connection – further enhanced with a balance between the Panch Maha Bhutas (natural elements) – that leads to good health, progress, and happiness of the human race.

Vastuworld honors the timeless interplay between Jiva, Atman, Maha Bhutas, Prakriti, Pran, and Kala. Our architecture embodies the wisdom of our ancient scriptures as well as modern-day scientific practices in order to recreate this harmony through the medium of building. The spatial experiences we’ve crafted since 1998 ensure wellness and contentment for the occupants in sync with their immediate ecosystem and the cosmic energy.

We help you design the life you want.

  • Designing / building your home or workplace, and want more than just design?
  • Keen that your space be in harmony with nature—unlocking increased productivity and better health for you?
  • Looking for an experienced and expert Vastu consultant, who will provide a scientific and well-established holistic approach?


Eon IT Park - Pune

Vastuworld offers a unique synthesis of traditional Indian architectural principles and scientific German building biology guidelines—so you can achieve health, fulfillment and wellness from your living/working space.

  • Selection of plot and site:
    To determine earth energy compatibility with your (owner’s) vibrations.
  • Earth-level scanning:
    For geopathic stress, laylines, Curry girds, Harman cross lines and how all these will affect your health and prosperity.
  • External and interior spatial design inputs:
    Includes scientific and process-oriented determination of room / building dimensions according to human proportions (shad verga calculations), positions of different rooms, kitchen cooking areas, toilets, sleeping positions, open spaces, puja zone, sitting rooms, industry process flow, etc. We do this for apartments, bungalows, shops, offices, industries and other spaces.
  • Environment design inputs:
    Covers human-spatial compatibility to determine direct impact of new house designs on health effectiveness of inhabitants.
  • Materials analysis:
    Assessment of furniture and building material to determine toxicity, health effects, and disease compatibility of existing human ailments with the new space.
  • Commercial and public spaces designing:
    • Experts at balancing the environment to maximize productivity and success in your work and daily life.
    • Public spaces such as hospitals, theaters, mass housing, town planning & community design require generic criteria of comfortable cosmic energies and financial telluric energies. Our approach assures you just that—great gains mentally and physically.

Rectification CONSULTATION:

Geostress Mapping of a Site

For already built spaces, Vastuworld offers a unique synthesis of traditional Indian architectural principles and scientific German building biology guidelines—so you can achieve health, fulfillment and wellness from your living/working space.

  • Determining Human and Space Energy Compatibility: 

Energy rectification for your home needs both human and space energy check, as both the factors is important, gets yourself measured before doing any changes in your house. Analysis is done using the energetic interpretation of each member of the family with the space, we also utlise directional 9-directional impact on the space and 5  elemental theory.

  • Geo Stress Mapping:
    Geopathy is also part of our building biology analysis and we use scientific measuring tools to determine inside earth and surface level earth energies influencing human health, mental and financial growth.
  • Correction of Electromagnetic Influence:
    Determination and correction of electromagnetic influence from electrical sources such as Wifi Routers, Mobile Towers, High Tension Cables, Generators etc. and all other activities with which the human body comes in direct contact and stop these issues from becoming a cause of the physical ailments and mental suffering.
  • Rectification of Rougue Influencers
    Rogue Influencers such as paintings carrying negative vibrations, Furniture restricting the natural flow of energy etc. are identified and steps are taken to correct these anomalies.
  • Installation of Vastuworld Remedies:
    After detail study, we submit the report, which details the remedies to be installed with specific locations for rectification.With proper energy consent, remedies are installed and bio-dynamisation (connection) is done with the head of the family.
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