Human beings have been insensitive towards the earth & have abused it with their greed without being sensible of what the earth wants. The outcome of this insensitivity has created several illnesses to add to this agony the technological in sought like computers & cell phones have added on to the radiation & deterioration of the earth further.

“Earthing” is also called “grounding” and it stems from the idea that in a modern city life, we no longer have direct physical contact with the Earth, and therefore are losing out on purported health benefits of exchanging electrons with the surface of our planet. A handful of small studies have found that grounding appears to provide some general health benefits, such as better sleep, less pain, reduced stress and tension, and better immune function compared to study participants who weren’t grounded. One study suggested that earthing eliminates the potentially harmful effects of the electromagnetic fields given off by all the electronic devices that surround us.

It is the practice of connecting with bare feet to the electrical energy emanating from the surface of the earth by standing, walking or lying on the ground. The term “Earthing” was coined by its discoverer Clinton Ober, an entrepreneur in the cable and telecommunications industries who gave up his affluent lifestyle to search for a meaningful purpose in his life. One day in 1998 while sitting in a park, Clinton observed that all the people passing by were wearing shoes with thick rubber or plastic soles. He wondered if there was no impact on people’s health from being insulated from the electrical surface charge on the ground. From his background in the cable industry, Clinton knew that electronic equipment needed to be grounded to operate without interference. He wondered if the same could be true for human beings.

Clinton measured the electrical charges created on his body at various places in his apartment with a voltmeter, an instrument that measures the electrical potential differences between the earth and any electrical object. He was surprised to discover that the highest level of electromagnetic field (EMF) voltage was in his bedroom. He conducted an experiment on himself sleeping on a bed that he grounded with a grid of metallic duct tape, that was linked with a wire to a rod placed in the ground outside. Clinton slept soundly for the first time in years and his chronic back pain went away. He then started grounding other people who experienced similar positive results. Clinton became convinced that connecting directly to the surface of the earth has tremendous healing power and he embarked on a mission to validate this discovery and to share it with others.

Earth Connection:

The human body has evolved means to kill bacteria using reactive oxygen species (ROS) that are delivered to a site of injury by white blood cells. Although very effective at this task, ROS are also highly reactive biochemically and can damage healthy tissues. ROS are usually positively charged molecules that need to be neutralized immediately to prevent them from diffusing into healthy tissues. For that purpose, negative charges are needed. Nature has solved this problem by providing conductive systems within the human body that deliver electrons from the feet to all parts of the body.

This has been the natural arrangement throughout most of human history. Negative charges have always been available, thanks to the Earth, to prevent the inflammatory process from damaging healthy tissues. All of this changed when we began to wear shoes with rubber and plastic soles, and no longer slept in contact with the earth.

A variety of measures of physiological stress show that the person who is grounded is less stressed and more relaxed. Earthing generates a shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic activation, reduction in muscle tension, and increased heart rate variability. Regardless of whether or not Earthing reduces exposure to environmental fields, these studies firmly demonstrate that Earthing does not stress the body; in fact, Earthing reduces every measure of stress we have used in our studies. The Earthing book documents cases in which people who are hypersensitive to environmental energy fields have benefited from Earthing. Observations over the years also include substantial relief from Earthing among many people who live in homes with very low levels of environmental fields and who developed crippling diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Earthing is an overlooked factor in public health. We regard it as a missing link with broad and significant implications. When Earthing is restored, many people report major improvements in a wide range of ailments, including chronic fatigue. These changes often occur within 30 minutes. Individuals who reported that they had inflammatory issues have benefited from Earthing. This includes people with various severe autoimmune diseases. It can be said without any equivocation that the human body evolved in contact with the Earth and needs to maintain this natural contact in order to function properly.

The Benefits for Earthing :

The benefits of “Earthing” have been substantiated by several scientific studies and are getting the attention of open-minded people. The science of Earthing is based on the principle that all living creatures are electrical by nature and that the human body is a dynamic conductor of electrical impulses. The energy residing on the surface of the earth is primarily electrical in the form of negatively charged free electrons. Free radicals, the main source of inflammation, tissue destruction, and disease are positively charged. The practice of Earthing effectively neutralizes the positively charged free radicals. Earthing also protects the body’s delicate bioelectrical circuitry against static electricity and interference in the form of Electromagnetic Fields (EMGs). Our disconnection from the earth’s natural surface energy due to living in elevated structures and wearing insulated shoes results in an “electron deficient” state that leads to inflammatory and autoimmune disease, poor sleep, dysfunction and accelerated aging. Exposure to the ground provides an electrical “nutrient” as important as oxygen, light, and water and is the best natural antioxidant and inflammatory agent.

The sole of the foot has more nerve endings than any other part of the human body so walking barefoot or simply sitting with one’s feet planted on the ground is the best way to gather the free electrons and natural energy from the earth.

The benefits from Earthing are as follows:

  • Defuses the cause of inflammation, and improves or eliminates the symptoms of inflammation-related disorders
  • Reduces or eliminates chronic pain.
  • Improves sleep in most cases.
  • Increases energy
  • Lowers stress and promotes calmness in the body by cooling down the nervous system and stress hormones
  • Normalizes the body’s biological rhythms
  • Thins blood and improves blood pressure and flow.
  • Relieves muscle tension and headaches
  • Lessens hormonal and menstrual symptoms
  • Dramatically speeds healing and helps prevent bedsores.
  • Reduces or eliminates jet lag.
  • Protects the body against potentially health-disturbing environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs).
  • Accelerates recovery from intense athletic activity.

“Earthing” is full of convincing testimonials from individuals who have benefited from using Earthing products for relief from a vast number of health disorders including insomnia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, fibromyalgia, electro-sensitivity, premenstrual syndrome, headaches, asthma, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, autism and recovery from sports injuries.

The most important health benefit of Earthing is providing the body with abundant electrons from the Earth. The scientific research and hypotheses related to Earthing point to a major impact on the inflammatory process as a result of this electron transfer.

Earth check

Earth energies need to be checked for proper earthing & grounding. Earth used for grounding should be without geo-stresses and can be used barefoot only when checked. Earthing benefits can happen only when you have good earth.

Earth Check can be done using following technical devices:

Earthing solutions

Earthing Solutions has given comfort in many serious and minor illnesses and psychological conditions, especially those conditions in which the immune system is severely compromised.

Cardiovascular deficiencies, attention deficit disorder, immune deficiency disorders, chronic fatigue, and cancer, are samples of chronic geopathic stress influence.

Earthing Solutions are environmental remedies which influence earth energies on the quantum level. Electromagnetic resonance between earth & environment is the process of this connection.

Earth Neutralizer (VGR)

Basically, various underground formations, such as subterranean water currents, specific mineral deposits, or different fault lines emit specific electromagnetic fields that can be harmful to a human dwelling. If you are just passing through an area with geopathic stress, there will be little or no concern. However, if your house is located in a geopathic stress area, you really need to understand what is happening and find an appropriate solution to protect your health.

This Neutralizer is based on German system of geopathic energy reversing & included traditional knowledge a very strong solution that can be buried under the earth and work to remove negative energies till 15000 sq. meters or 3 acres of land.

Earth Vital Points ( Geo-Marma )

For larger plots, above 5 acres, Earth-Marma is used. Earth-Marma would act as a strong solution for unblocking 9-vital Marma of mother earth and also shielding the house or property from Geo stresses.

It should be noted that if not properly handled, on the property these 9 vital points of the plots are most vulnerable and weak areas from where stress can travel to habitats. The 9-Earth-Marma together has the strength to activate these points on a positive emission.

VVH – Earth Connector (Internal)

Earth Connector, when installed in an apartment or office on higher floors, would help in getting the positive energies from the earth through electrical earthing.

This device is good for single-family house and has range until 4500 Sq.meters.

A Very strong product and has been given amazing results for medicinal purposes.

Personal Earth Stress Neutralizer (PGN)

The Energy Nailing of earth acupuncture points at a personal level.

“Geopathic stress” may be defined as developing bodily imbalance or illness, due to lines of harmful energies, which radiate from the earth.

Earth acupuncture is the process used to neutralize these fields. Geopathic stress has been found to be the common factor