Dowsing Rod – Copper


Material : Copper



It is an ancient art of searching for hidden things (water, precious metals, etc) using one of the senses that many of us are not even aware of possessing… reportedly 80% of people have this special gift – an ability to sense things not perceptible to others. Some of these people do not need any extra tools to do that -they just KNOW where is the best place to dig a well or where the gold treasure is hidden. Most of the people require a “prosthesis” that will help them to focus and read their body signals better. This is what dowsing rods are for… There are many different types and varieties of dowsing rods: the best one available for is made after lots of research & technical collaboration from Mic Mastro for Seattle USA.


This handheld device is the basic gadget one should learn before using H3 Gold Antenna. The purpose of the instrument is to detect an unhealthy spot and negative geopathic stress points, which can later provide a guide to H3 Gold Antenna.


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