Infinity Bhaktamar Set


Material : acrylic



Infinity Bhaktamar Set contains – Bhaktamar infinity energy cards, i.e, each card is associated with lifestyle & health issues. and Bhaktamar Pendrive with 48 sounds. 48 Infinity energy cards are a unique solution for Vastu and human energy balance. Sacred Geometry along with 48 sound vibrations of Jain Bhaktamar Sotra has been holographically embedded into 48 color cards.

48 Energy cards are specially designed cards made on the special polymer which has the strong reflective capacity. These cards are pre-charged with Sound energies of a Jain system of Bhaktamar Sotra’s.

1 tree of life, 1 cosmic tertacyt, 1 global tetracyt and 1 telluric tertecyt all on pure copper metal is part of this box, these metal plates are used to scan and charge the energy cards.

The cards are the solution and should be selected and given to the person who needs it.


H3 Gold Lecher Antenna would identify the right number on Cosmic, global and telluric tetractys made on the purest form of metal. The Jain’s recognized five different kinds of infinity. infinity in one direction; infinity in two directions; infinity in the area; infinity everywhere; and infinite perpetually.

Application & Installation Guide

Application & Installation Guide



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