Self help for Big apartment






Vastuworld solution system is based on bio-resonance systems, which helps you regain the lost energy balance of your home or workplace.

For apartment or flat of are 1000 to 4000 square feet, we would advise you to install these energy harmonizers, these products would help you to organize your mental peace, health, relationship and financial stability.


This self-help kit would come with instructions to install these harmonizers at specific places in your house, like MDCP & energy reflector at main door, PGN at Southwest corner floor of the master bedroom, Mandala Harmonizer at Center of house, 4 cosmic symbols in corners of the master bedroom & other important bedroom & energy flower at bedroom door, 9 direction set at all over the house with energy flower in all doors.

Please note these harmonizers would work scientifically to balance your and your vastu energies and does not claim to be solution diseases or physical ailments. Nor these harmonizers have any adverse effect as they on work on energy enhancements through the principle of resonance.


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