Vantra Stimulator


Material : Copper



Helps in organizing and balancing the intimate relationships in the bedroom. The Vantra Stimulator is based on the symbol of the “David Star” which contains the symbol of the female as well as of male energies. This symbol is even twice interlaced, there, which affects an intensification of the energies. Vantra Stimulator is the environmental product specifically designed to comfort couples relationship energies and improve vibrations of fertility to conceive.


The Vantra is installed in NorthWest or SouthEast of the sleeping room according to the consultant’s guidance. The Vantra Stimulator device can be placed either at SouthEast or NorthEast corner of the bedroom on the top of the table on a BS energy plate and the crystal in between the device needs to be energized. Varoma essential oil is put in the diffuser and heated with the candle at the specific corner 30 minutes before the use of the bedroom each day.

Application & Installation Guide


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