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Vastuworld’s Exterior Energy Balancing Remedies were designed to counter negative influences at the grassroot level. They are installed at plot level or outside the living space to harmonise the energy flow.

Exterior Energy Balancing Remedies

Interior Energy Balancing Remedies

Energy rectification and balancing of home with respect to Health, Harmony & Happiness is essential. With Vastuworld energy remedies you can manage these energies in a better ways. All the remedies are hand prepared, tested and energized before packing. Please note these remedies work with your space vibrations generating positivity & does not have any other effect.

Geopathic Stress Remedies

Vastuworld is the pioneer in geopathic stress detection systems in India (Earth Magnetometers, E-smog Spion, H3 Gold Lecher Antenna). Vastuworld geostress reversers such as VV17, VGR & VVH have been used in huge quantities since 1999 by students & end users to get them relieved from geostress at residences, offices and industries.


Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are produced by power lines, electrical wiring, and electrical equipment such as Wi-Fi Routers, Mobile Phones, Microwaves etc.

Vastuworld Store brings to you shielding devices for electromagnetic radiation (EMR), mobile phones, etc. to protect your body from electrical hypersensitivity and maintain its energetic equilibrium

Measuring Tools

Energy measurement of space, vastu and any environment requires extra skill and support of the technical machine which is capable to scan and decode the defects and deficiency. H3 Gold Lecher Antenna is one of the best frequency /wavelength measuring tools to measure human as well as environment energies, Earth magnetometer can scan geopathic fields. A tensor can help in dowsing, Esmog spion can detect geopathic electromagnetic waves, ghost meter for entity vibrations etc.

Books & Manuals

Featured Remedies

Geo Marma

This remedy is specially designed for earth harmonization of buildings or plots, which are tilted & has axial North direction. Regular Vital point remedies are used where the creation of a Vastu boundary using cosmic symbols is not possible.

Geo Marma