Re-inventing the architecture of fulfillment : Energy Rectification with Remedies

Vedic Shilpa Shatra is a science of 'Manifestation'. The creation and existence of this universe is subjected to a mathematical formula and Architecture as a creative activity is yet another manifestation of this formula.

It is a science that deals with how the subtle-energy transforms into 'material forms' in the creation, it is also a science that deals with how 'energy time' ( dimensionless) transforms into 'material form' ( dimensioned). It can also be said to be a science that deals with how 'infiniteness' become 'finites'.

A house is a machine to live in with walls as smooth as sheet iron, with windows those of factories, or a tool as serviceable as typewriter. If architecture today is so rigid, than the statement of building or a house, which was a sacred act and the house was considered a living organism can only become the matter of discussion. What we need today is a perfect Manifestation of our old heritage i.e.; Vedic Architecture and the house which suites today's context, thus the emergence of Energy Rectification as a need.

Researches during the last two decades have shown that energy is constantly flowing on/under and over the earth and is effecting the inhabitants on it. The balance of this "Dynamite web of inseparable energy patterns" with man and the environment .

Union of Scientific & Esoteric to Energetic's focuses on instruments to measure human and environment energies and proves to be more logical. It stresses the need to fight environmental aggression. Energy Rectification Process defines strong vibrational medicines to be installed at your home and workplaces, which can orient each chakras of your human system function efficiently.

At Vastuworld, we follow the norms of Vedic building and Building Biology in a very scientific and systematic manner. Bio-resonance remedies when installed properly can handle any type of energy defects, without breaking a single brick. The rectification done can be checked using measuring tool such as magical instrument called 'H3 Gold Lecher Antenna'. This science is popular among all practicing consultants. This instrument actually detects energy of the house without actually visiting the site.