Vastu Shashtra is essentially the art of correct setting in order to optimize the benefits of five basic elements of nature (Panchbhutas) and the influence of magnetic fields surrounding the earth.

The physical biology of the universe has been described in terms of life (jiva) and self (atman).

The Indian Vedic knowledge offers an integral vision of Purush Prakriti. The elements of nature are set into an order that causes a process of intellectual cultivation and purification.

There is a five fold order comprising of origination, binding, interlocking, overlapping and transcending.

Unlike the universality and anonymity of the modern architecture, the practice of Vastu Shashtra is specific is specific to a particular context-position, place, person and time.


Prakriti, Purush,  Pran and Kala are all interlinked and interlocked. The Vedas provide an insight into their  inter-relationships.   The  five  elements  of  the external   world,  five  levels  of personality ,five levels of mind.

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The central  theme of the traditional vision consists in seei ng the cosmos  in its fullness: man as a part of nature, and nature as a substratum of the universe: The physical biology of the universe has bee' n described  in the Upanisads  in terms of Pran (life) and the self.

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The concept of purusa is central to the Indian cosmology and sociology. lt meant Cosmic Person, the unique one. Its divine connotation has been constantly sustained in the sacred texts referring to Kalapurusa  in astrology.

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About Vastuworld Courses 

Vastuworld Academy A liberal learning center following Indian Architectural Ethos. TVA provides integrated approach to traditional architectural education, with research programs in Indian traditional construction systems following scientific tools and methods to interpret the same in today’s context.


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