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Vastuworld’s monthly newsletter since 2002 has been a regular update for thousands of readers who are interested in knowing the research & development in the field of energy architecture. Architect Mayank being the editor writes about his experiences along with articles from all over the world each month. This 8 page monthly newsletter is a must for vastu and energy practitioners & can easily be subscribed. Old paper version of this newsletters are compelled together in form of a book thus you can get connected to what you have missed in past.


Vastuworld’s education is win form of workshops, Architect Mayank writes and formulate a booklet and give to each student during the workshops. These manuals has selected & compiled knowledge of specific topics. Each manual is digitally colour printed and becomes a collectors book. These manuals are mostly more than 100 pages and include practical case studies and relevant graphics which can be easily understand by a layman.
all Vastuworld publications can be purchased online or at Vastuworld office