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Vastuworld energy consultancy offers a scientific process to get a spatial overhaul and rejuvenated experience of your home or workspace. We help you connect the dots between your health & happiness. This will be our architecture for your enhanced living.


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“Since 1998, Vastuworld has offered an all-round approach to architectural design—harmonizing individual occupant energies in tune with their environment and natural ecosystems.

While delving deeply into ancient building wisdom documented by our forefathers, we create dwelling and working spaces that perform optimally in today’s milieu and fulfill your modern-day requirements.”

Ar. Mayank Barjatya
Founder, Vastuworld

Vastuworld aims to enhance your life—by creating spaces for you that resonate with positivity, and enable good health and well-being. We are scientific environment consultants – backed by 20 years of research, with specialization in traditional Indian architecture and supported by German building biology principles.

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Exterior Energy Balancing Remedies

Vastuworld’s Exterior Energy Balancing Remedies were designed to counter negative influences at the grassroot level. They are installed at plot level or outside the living space to harmonise the energy flow.

Interior Energy Balancing Remedies

Energy rectification and balancing of home with respect to Health, Harmony & Happiness is essential. With Vastuworld energy remedies you can manage these energies in a better ways. All the remedies are hand prepared, tested and energized before packing. Please note these remedies work with your space vibrations generating positivity & does not have any other effect.

Geopathic Stress Remedies

Vastuworld is the pioneer in geopathic stress detection systems in India (Earth Magnetometers, E-smog Spion, H3 Gold Lecher Antenna). Vastuworld geostress reversers such as VV17, VGR & VVH have been used in huge quantities since 1999 by students & end users to get them relieved from geostress at residences, offices and industries.

Measuring Tools

Energy measurement of space, vastu and any environment requires extra skill and support of the technical machine which is capable to scan and decode the defects and deficiency. H3 Gold Lecher Antenna is one of the best frequency /wavelength measuring tools to measure human as well as environment energies, Earth magnetometer can scan geopathic fields. A tensor can help in dowsing, Esmog spion can detect geopathic electromagnetic waves, ghost meter for entity vibrations etc.

Why do we put a picture or show-piece of flowing waterfalls, rivers and water in homes

Vastu Shastra is considered as science. According to Vastu, the trend of construction is increasing from small houses to large townships. In fact, Vastu is the science of balancing the five elements of nature (earth, fire, air, sky and water). The aim of this science is to keep things in the right direction and take positive effect of the energy emanating from them.

Vastu consultants often recommend putting a showpiece or photograph attached to a fountain, waterfall or water in homes. This advice is actually to balance the water element of that house and to take positive effect of the energy of water. The flowing water brings a kind of dynamism to its surroundings. This causes the nature of water to flow and remain dynamic. Most parts of the human mind are also believed to be connected to water. For this reason, moving around water has a great impact on the personality of the humans living there. The mind moves fast, is always active.

Just as every work is done keeping the directions in Vastu Shastra, similarly in Feng Shui, which direction should be taken, what kind of things should be established in which direction, all these things are taken care of. This is because these directions give us progress. According to Vastu, where should the water be in the house, so that the people of the house get many benefits and progress.

In the corridor or balcony

Household members or family businesses should keep a picture or showpiece related to water in the corridor or balcony to protect them from badlocks or bad eyes of people.


In northeast direction

Water should be kept in the earthen pot or jug in the northeast direction of the house. By doing this, the misfortune of the people of the house ends and success in every work.

In the kitchen

No show-piece or photo related to water should be put in the kitchen. It is not considered good to have any water-related items except to get water in the kitchen or used for kitchen purposes.

Waterfall planted like this

If you have a garden area in your house then you can have waterfall installed there. The direction of waterfall in the house should be such that the flow of water is in the direction of your house. It should never go outward.

Right direction to install fountain

If you are installing in a fountain home, it can be applied in the north or south-east direction of the house. By doing this, the fountain brings goodluck and growth.

Gardening brings peace and prosperity at home, these things should be taken care of

Vastushastra has some rules for planting trees or plants in the house. According to Vastushastra, if the trees and plants are not planted properly, the family members including the homeowner also face physical, financial and mental troubles. So let’s know the rules of Vastu so that positive energy can be communicated in your home as well ….


According to Vastu Shastra ‘Vasturajavallabh’ Tulsi, Banana, Champa Ketki, Jasmine etc. are considered auspicious. Planting a banana tree in a northerly angle increases the wealth.

It is believed that if a tulsi plant is planted near a banana tree, you get auspicious results and God Vishnu as well as Goddess Lakshmi remains blessed.

Ashoka and coconut trees are considered very auspicious. According to his name, Ashoka is a tree that gives happiness and removes grief. It is believed that this tree increases love and harmony among the members of the house.

According to the popular belief of Fengshui i.e. Chinese Vastushastra, planting bamboo plant around the house or its bonsai form inside the house leads to prosperity and growth. It is believed that this also ends the negative energy of the house.

According to the ancient Indian text Brihatsamhita, trees and plants that break down leaves and branches secrete milk or white juice, such plants should not be planted near the house. It is believed that this leads to loss of money. 

According to Indian architecture, it is not considered auspicious to have a thorny tree plant around the main gate and the house. It is said that this increases the fear of the enemy and there is some difficulty in life.


Vastu Tips

Dakshin Mukhi Ghar gives fruit for all 12 zodiac signs

The south direction is generally considered inauspicious for the house, but this direction is not inauspicious for everyone, some people may also get benefit in this direction. According to Kolkata’s Vastu expert Dr. Deeksha Rathi, people for whom south is inauspicious, they should keep Vastu Deodh destructor in the house. Know here how the house in the south direction gives results for all the 12 zodiac signs.

the picture of seven horses to the silverware, why are 5 such things given in the gift

Giving gifts on festivals and occasions of happiness is a common tradition. Many times people are confused about what to gift. Vastu has considered it good enough to gift some items on its scientific basis. They include both the science of energy and psychology. Vastu is completely a science of positive and negative energy. Vastu has considered such things as good, due to which an environment of stability and positive energy is created. Vastu is advised to give similar things in gifts.

These 10 important things to keep in mind for Vastushastra / Economic prosperity

According to Vastu, keep these things in mind  –

1.  The walls of the north direction of the house should be blue in color.

2.  The location of the water should be in the north direction.

3.  Place the conch, silver coin or silver turtle in the water tank.

4.  Aquariums should be kept in the north direction of the house in decorative items.


5.  Vault should be kept in the north due to the direction of Kubera.


6.  Property is benefited by keeping blue pyramid in north direction.


7.  Place a large glass bowl in the north direction and put silver coins in it.


8.  Worship by placing the idol of Ganesh and Lakshmiji in the east-north corner.


9.  Do not place dirt in the east-north corner of the house.


10.  Plant Amla tree or Tulsi plant in north direction.

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