Ar. Mayank is very passionate to teach & empower a cross section in society. His knowledge is outcome of his experience of 20 years which he has learned in Germany & France under the masters like Dr. Rene Naccachian& others. In India like B.V. Doshi from Ahmedabad has influenced him, where bio energy and earth architecture is concerned.

His workshops are scientific in approach which focuses on other aspects like energies. He has created a trust under that trust he conducts workshops which vary from 1 day to 5 days residential at his institute called Prithwe Learning Centre, which is situated at Bhor . On the back of water of BhorBhatghar dam with an objective to discover the myths of vastu scientifically which are based on rationality & relevance of 21st century for the modern life style is the essence of his teachings/workshop.

To mention a few of the workshops:

  • 1. H3 gold antenna (use – application in space /human energy)
  • 2. 5 elements
  • 3. Mysteries of 9 directions
  • 4. Geopathic stresses and health
  • 5. Infinity cards
  • 6. Remedies and installation.

Over the year he has taught/trained several consultants who are practicing in the market place achieving excellence in the field of their choice.

For more details on the workshop we can empower you with all your queries on 09822573102 or at