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Move beyond form, function and aesthetics to embrace happiness and prosperity via fulfilling architecture

The Vastuworld Academy

Scientific tools and the use of technical diagnostics have been the hallmark and unique strength of Vastuworld and Architect Mayank since 1998. The VastuWorld Academy is the only source of getting training in European measuring tools.

The Source & Philosophy

Architecture is “sampradaya”—it’s a tradition that has evolved from ancient times and has been handed down through generations. It encompasses the knowledge of designing, constructing and maintaining artifacts to meet man’s physical and metaphysical needs. Its expression, or the architectural style, varies with time and is influenced by changes in society, by technology, by our newer requirements. But the philosophy remains constant—symbolic of man’s aspiration as a supreme creator. It is this philosophy that Vastuworld attempts to disseminate through our education and research activities.

Vastu in the real world
The inner space of a human being and the outer space of their environment have to be in harmony. Once that harmony is established and the energies of the two are synchronized, the benefits are multi-fold. You can maximize your productivity, and experienced enhanced health, peace of mind, and prosperity. All of these follow as a natural consequence of human-spatial compatibility.

The Vastuworld Academy – Fountainhead of vastu knowledge & application techniques
The Vastuworld Academy is your one-stop center for scientific, integrated and practical-based learning of various concepts related to vastu, energy and environment.

We are the only business entity in India who can train and supply H3-Gold Antenna & other measuring devices from Germany.

Who can attend our training?

Vastuworld trainings, modules, and workshops are designed for varied audiences:

More about our training

For registration and participating in above mentioned learning modules, please email your interest at

For registration and participating in above mentioned learning modules, please email your interest at