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About us


Our architecture – for your enhanced life experience

Geopathic stress is real. If your home or office distorts the natural resonance of the Earth, it creates geopathic stress. Living, eating, working, or sleeping in such zones adversely affects our health and well-being.

VastuWorld aims to enhance your life—by creating spaces for you that resonate with positivity, and enable good health and well-being.

We are scientific environment consultants – backed by 18 years of research, with specialization in traditional Indian architecture and supported by German building biology principles.

Expert Advisors

Ar. MayankBarjatya
Founder-Director, VastuWorld & Vastu Architect

Mayank Barjatya holds a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Pune University ( 1995) and Masters Degree in Ecology & Environment from New Delhi (2004).

Mayank has also done certificate course in study of Bioenergetics from Acmos-Paris in association with Institute of Complimentary Medicine (ICM) of Great Britain (1998)

He has learnt Building Biology from Er. Wolfgang Prigeen at BZS Burg-Steinfurt, Northwest of Germany near Munster  (2002) & been associated with BZS as German technical Partners till today.

In 1997, Mayank got professionally oriented towards Vastu when working as an architect for a structural engineer, during his job he got a chance to visit Paris.

In 1998 Mayank started his own company by name of Vastuworld

Mayank’s journey into the world of Vastu was by chance. But it was his destiny.

In 1997, during a visit to Paris, Mayank’sprofessional interest in this science kickstarted. Today, he is reputed to be one of the few technical practitioners of vastu rectification, using bio resonance and environment energy balancing remedies.

Highlights from Mayank’s journey:

  • Since 2002 – Writingand editing VastuTimes, a popular monthly newsletter showcasing the latest trends and best practices in this science. Its current readership is pegged at XXXXXX
  • Since 2003 – Conducting workshops and training on scientific Vastu. Hundreds trained under him are now practicing this unique system all over the world.
  • 2004 – Created a certification system called “Indian Green Vastu Compliance”. Presented to stalwarts like Jason Ellis, CEO of Tata Blue Scope Steels in Pune; AtulChordia, and more.
  • 2006 – Mayank presented on scientific validation of ancient medical systems at a national seminar at IIT-Delhi. He emphasized the need for “healthy hospitals” i.e., environmental implication on patients being treated inside sick buildings.
  • 2010 – Formed “Prithwe Earth & Us” – the only organization in the country getting technical support both for education and consultancy from New Zealand Institute of Bau-Biology & Ecology. Prithwe has applied to the University of Pune for recognition as a research institute.

Dr. PrabhakarApte
Research Advisor

Ar. ShashikalaAnanth
Research Advisor

Ar. Wolfgang Priggen
Building Biologist