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Today most people spend more than 90% of their lives inside buildings. During this time the nature of the enclosed environment directly affects the health, quality of life, and productivity of the occupants. Modern buildings, however, clearly have a problem providing a healthy or even appropriate indoor environment.

Very few materials can be called perfectly “safe” or “healthy”.

Where do the chemicals go and what do they do to the environment?

“Healthy” and “safe” are all about balance – even the healthiest food can be harmful if taken excessively or exclusively. The same applies to “environmentally friendly” products. A perfectly natural product or resource used in an excessive way, or put back in the wrong place can

upset the balance of the environment.

Why are these materials unhealthy?

Extensive measurements by numerous agencies have shown that the

typical modern home contains a chemical soup of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)

like formaldehyde, xylene, isobutylaldehyde, vinyl chloride monomer, and other organochlorides, aldehydes and phenols from all kinds of manufactured wood products, paints, carpets, and synthetic textiles including furniture and carpets, plastics, foam, tile and carpet glue, etc.

Radon from the soil, ozone from some electrical appliances, and micron-sized particles from many sources add to the health risk. Airborne particulates, especially those less than about ten microns in diameter, can seriously damage the lung. Small particles can penetrate deeper into the lung, while larger particles are filtered out by the body is natural defences.

Mother Nature is changing the rules of the game

and these environmental changes are having a direct impact on our health. Our home and work environments, the water we drink and the air we breathe are all major health factors with today's modern lifestyles.

How do make a project, building, home and workspace healthy ?

To make a project, building, home and workspace healthy

we need to work on managing equilibrium at these three energy systems that affects human health and happiness.

How does Vastuworld Help?

At Vastuworld we help you attain health bliss inside your homes & office by addressing following concerns

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