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Human-space balance

We steer the creation of a balanced human-space energy environment for your optimal wellbeing and productivity

Our blend of Indian vastu traditions and scientific building biology principles generate the optimal human-space energy balance. Creating the perfectly balanced human-space compatibility is what we do best—for your healthiness and peace.

The role of energy in our body

Bio-energies take a deeper approach to the body; they work on rebuilding the foundations of a person’s health. The foundations need to be healthy and strong—for an individual or for a building.

We are energy beings and the physical body of the human being is a manifestation of energies. We require energy for a variety of body and mind functions, such as relaying and processing of information, re-organizing thoughts, strengthening our immune system, and eliminating toxins through various organs such as intestines, gall bladder, and stomach. The entire process of energy transfer through our various organs results in the vitality of the body. In case of any energy-level disruption or energy blockage, the organs start performing in a defective manner.

The activity of each part of our body is probed by scientific instruments specialized in vibratory measures. We would essentially use H3 Gold Antenna. As soon as a vibratory incoherence appears in an organ, function or region, a rigorous protocol is followed to identify the origin of the vibratory incoherence by using the principles of quantum mechanics.

Sources of disorders in our body

Our brain is akin to a computer. It is a relay between energy and matter and memorizes the disorders it has to solve. These disorders may originate from 3 sources:

The link between disorders and dwellings

Our bodies are becoming more and more exposed to disorders due to the fact that we are steeped in electromagnetic waves coming from all sorts of modern sources of electronics, communications, etc. (e.g., computers, satellites, mobile phones, relays, and more) as well as pollution, chemicals around us, and inappropriate locations of our homes such as on graveyards and near cremation grounds.

All of this emphasizes the need to restore the bio-energy matrix through appropriate bio building practices or vastu correction remedies, as the need may be.