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Human Spatial Geo Harmony

Vastu and earth energy knowhow enables us to create unique spaces for you - that resonate with nature and resound with health and healing In order for us to understand and consequently create the ideal human-spatial harmony (between our selves and the spaces we inhabit), it is imperative to understand certain underlying scientific principles that

Geopathy or Earth science

An energetic mind resides in a healthy body, and a vigorous mind and body reside inside buildings that have strong Earth connections. This harmonious connection between your body, mind and soul and the Earth are important so you can benefit from positive essential Earth vibrations. Only then can you do more, be more, achieve more.

In order to leverage the Earth’s energies, many factors come into play—physical, meteorological, biological, ecological, etc. Our seers were aware of these factors and their inter-play since ancient times. Infact, they developed the principles of Vastushastra purely on the basis of their scientific knowledge of all these parameters—knowledge that was acquired through their super-sensual perceptions and assiduous self-application (“tapobal”).

Paying homage to these ancient principles while designing modern homes and workplaces is the only way for us to maximize the value of our space. If we pay obeisance to this ancient wisdom, can we achieve human-spatial harmony, and only that can lead us away from geopathic stress.

The gird of energy lines

Vastushastra also takes into account—apart from the aforementioned factors—the grid of energy lines emanating from the surface of the Earth and circumscribing the globe. The modern avatar of these energy lines came to the fore after their scientific discovery by the German physician Dr. Ernest Hartmann & others.

Swiss geobiologist Blanche Merz went on to measure the radiations emanating from the surface of the Earth, and this made it evident that favorable power points of highest vibration rate can be built or amplified by resting on four specifications:

In the light of these principles, one can go back into our ancient knowledge and appreciate the importance of Brahma Sthala, which is very much emphasized in Vastushastra.

Geobiology—interaction between men and Earth

This is the knowledge of the influence of the Earth (geos) on living beings (bios). This envisions the interaction between human beings and their environment, considering all the various elements that can influence life at a vibrational level. These elements are: Earth meridians, underground water veins or lakes, underground geological cracks or cavities, and earth-sky chimneys.

The human being is an antenna between earth and sky. The feet are connected to the negative pole (the Earth) and the head is connected to the positive pole (the Sky). The human being is continually subjected to the energy exchange between these two poles. At the same time, our body is also transmitting and receiving endless information all the time—often, we may not even be aware of it. This continual flow of information is received through resonance and stocked in our cells, influencing the functions of our body.

Electromagnetic frequencies & human body

Reinhard Schneider, a German physicist, who specialized in high-frequency radio waves, also investigated dowsing phenomena. He believed that high-risk diseases like cancer are likely to be encountered above interactions of at least two water veins and/or fracture zones where the electromagnetic frequency associated with the water is in the range of 2,450 MHz of microwave energy.

Schneider developed special equipment and a multifaceted system for scanning the human body to identify actual and potential diseases. German law limits their use to physicians and certified healing practitioners.

The human-spatial harmonizing approach of VastuWorld

VastuWorld has detailed research and knowledge of all the important principles cited above. The root of all our knowledge is in Eternal Architecture—our ancient wisdom that is relevant even today. And our practices are based on modern German principles of bio building.

Our endeavor is to create a balanced human-space energy matrix for you and your space. We ensure that our constructions retains as much of the natural radiations of the environment as possible. We offer customized solutions based on your energies and map them to the energies of the environment around you. The result is a space that optimizes human-spatial harmony, resulting in increased productivity, wellbeing and health.