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Restorative Remedies

Tune in to a harmonious frequency around you and benefit from our bio-resonance remedies

Why would you need vastu remedies?

Your space has already been built and you are living or working there. But something isn’t right—either with your physical health, or your emotional well-being, or your productivity and performance. A constant sense of malaise afflicts you.

This could largely be because the harmony between you, your energy, and your environment and its energies is disturbed. Various architectural defects can cause sick buildings and consequently geopathic stress for its inhabitants. Remedying these defects is critical in order to regain wellness and restore the natural balance.

VastuWorld will guide you with rectification solutions and bio-resonance products that will remedy and correct the energies of your current home or workplace and make them more effective for you.

Understanding bio-resonance

Let’s first understand the etymology of the word “bio-resonance”—“Bio” refers to a living organism, and “resonance” refers to “harmony”.

We humans generate electromagnetic frequencies and our important internal processes are influenced by them. Harmful effects from the external milieu can alter these frequencies adversely, resulting in ailments and sickness. Correcting the external stimuli in order to re-organize our body’s energies is what bio-resonance therapy is all about.

Various scientific principles from bio-physics, vastu, and traditional Indian architecture help us in identifying different types of products and therapies that can correct our energy levels and optimize them for our own benefit.

Sacred geometry & mandala

Our ancient scriptures and the wisdom contained in them credit certain geometrical shapes and proportions with sacred or symbolic meaning. Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing of the Vitruvian Man, Kepler’s exploration of the ratio of planetary orbits all explore these divine proportions and the correlation between the individual and the cosmos.

This golden ratio (sacred geometry) is of great significance in architecture since ancient times. It is still considered while planning the construction of religious or sacred edifices such as churches, temples, mosques, altars, or even religious art.

The “mandala” (also meaning concentric energy circle) is another representation of the universe. It represents completion or wholeness or entirety. This spiritual symbol – especially its center – is also used during meditation to focus attention. The Vaastu Purusha Mandala is a metaphysical plan of a building (such as a temple) and it integrates the supernatural forces.

Following the principles or proportions of sacred geometry and adhering to the concept of the mandala can result in spaces that replicate the harmony and the serenity of nature and the timelessness of the cosmos around us. Our homes can become microcosms of the balance in that cosmos – resulting in our much-desired healthiness and peace and prosperity.

The significance of sound

How often do we really listen to what we are hearing? Our bodies and the nature around us have their own unique sounds and vibrations. Being in connect with these wholesome vibrations, and the various frequencies and pitches inside and outside of us can effect changes in our own energies and in the energy of the environment around us.

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