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Enlightened Architecture

Explore the soul of your space, through in-depth understanding of the “floor plan of the universe” (mandala)

Let your personal space reflect the universal mandala – explore the divine connection through research on ancient Vedas

The power of sacred spaces

Sacred spaces – or places of power – have inspired humans over the ages. These places of power rekindle our soul. They have the potential to inspire awe, and help us rejuvenate, connect with ourselves, and pave the way for self-enlightenment. A sacred space can be large (a monument) or small (simple arrangements of leaves or small stones).

Ancient monuments across the globe, such as Stonehenge, Avebury, Carnac, Kedarnath Temple, Meenakshi Temple, JagannathPuri temple and the Great Pyramid along with many different earthworks, stone circles and holy places mark the Earth's power places. The use of stone and Earth to design inspiring sacred spaces is just as relevant today as it was in years gone by. These fulfill the needs of our soul and fuel us again with powerful life energy.

Earth energies & places of power

Potent sacred spaces around the world have one thing in common—the presence of Earth energies. These are so potent that they can completely alter human life.

How we sense these Earth energies

Our senses can pick up only a limited range of vibrations. We can see color, but not Xrays. We can hear sounds, but only if they are loud enough and within our hearing range. Many of these invisible spectrums can be detected and "seen" by the extension of our senses via various technologies like films, amplifiers, scopes, or transducers. However these technologies also have limitations, and until they are developed to reliably detect the presence of Earth energies, we must rely on the sensitivity of our bodies and minds. In effect, the human body is the best “receiver” on earth—especially in the areas of emotion and consciousness. It is our body and mind that can detect subtle messages and energies.

Two subtle energy systems on the frontiers of human perception, viz., the electromagnetic fields of underground water streams and ley lines, are now being recognized, studied, and used today. These Earth energies are important because ancient monuments such as stone circles, as well as cathedrals and all kinds of historic sacred spaces, are invariably situated on centers of earth energies.

VastuWorld designs in this context

We recognize the potency of Earth energies. Our German scientific knowledge of bio building practices enables us to measure and locate EMF frequencies. We use this knowledge to guide us during site selection and other building stages. It also guides us in offering rectification solutions so that we can restore the bio-spatial harmony and ensure that your space works best for you.