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After everything that we pursue, what is of utmost importance to us at the end of our day? The answers are unequivocal: Health and Happiness. For us, for those we care about. In today’s fast-paced and stressful lives, these have become elusive, and we search for all ways to regain them in our life.

In such an atmosphere, comes Vastu Times – a monthly magazine that covers all aspects of healthy and happy living. Our indepth and researched articles cover a wide range of specific topics dealing with human-space compatibility, geopathy, body and architecture, ecological essentials, human-environment harmony, divinity, vastu, bio building, home healthiness, energy balance, and lots of more eclectic and integrated subject matter.

What makes VastuTimes unique is its exclusive blend of ancient wisdom and modern practices; of timeless Vedic knowledge and most updated science. Download Free Issue

Authored and curated by eminent architect, guru of scientific Vastu, and ecologist Mayank Barjatya, VastuTimes presents practical and knowledgeable ways to regain the harmony within our own body and minds, and consequently with cosmic forces that enable our existences.

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Communicating With Plants

Vegetal Consciousness: You may already be aware that there are different levels of consciousness and that consciousness evolves from lower to higher levels of awareness. You may also know of the universal consciousness that connects and affects us all. Did you also happen to know that plants also have consciousness? Ancient traditions all over the world have long been aware of Vegetal Consciousness In the same way that your hand is a hand and also a part your body, consciousness consists of parts that are linked to the whole. The consciousness that manifests in individual beings has particular goals and lessons it would like to learn. Yet all individual consciousnesses are connected. The purpose of this complex interplay is to help the universe learn about itself. You are like the eyes and ears of the universe, showing it different possibilities and aspects so that it can learn and evolve.

Plant talk, Root Rumors & plant chatters are few more topic which we would discuss in next issue of vastuttimes.

Communicating With Plants: The ability to commune with nature is in our bones. It has been passed down to us from our ancestors who lived in direct relationship with the land. At present, Westerners are using scientific methodologies to discover the medicinal properties of plants from all over the world. Most of these plants and their medicinal uses are pointed out to them by the local indigenous cultures. How did they know how to use these plants without conducting double-blind studies in laboratories? Many of these people answer with some version of the plants told us. For many years this idea was dismissed as superstitious folklore, but as the complexity and sophistication of the medical knowledge of many so-called under-developed cultures becomes scientifically validated we are finally left with no other choice than to accept this idea that is not at all foreign to our culture.


as essential Vastu Science
Restoring the Energy Balance of your Home ACMOS - VASTU

The energetic balance of the habitat

The house is considered as the extension of the body of the inhabitant.

Vedic Vastu Shastra is a building science, universal in approach for all human in particular & which allows understanding the energetic influence of the habitat on a person.

It aims to organize the house or the working space in order to profit from the benefits which can come along with an optimal configuration of the premises. .

It considers all harmful effects which the environment can have on a human, on his health, his behaviour and his lifeworld. In other words, one can have the impression of feeling well on a site without realizing the harmful or blocking effects which its configuration can have on the daily life.

With this domain the energetic study of a site has become possible. Often only some tiny remeides or possible changes are sufficient to transform the atmosphere of a space and to restore the environmental energy for the well-being of the inhabitants. It's the same as with bio-energetics..



VASTU CHECKING Using Acmos Lecher Antenna (ALA)

What is Vastu? Acmos Habitat protocols for understanding influence of the environmental aggression on Human energetics is the study of Vastu. Vastu is our home, vastu is our body, and vastu is our life.

We can improve or trouble our vastu by just being in the vastu.

Acmos Lecher Antenna is the only device in the world, which can guide us & tune us so that we become compatible to our spaces.

Perfect Vastu is, more than 75% Human & Space compatibility on lecher scale.

HUMAN CHECKING Using Acmos Lecher Antenna (ALA)

Human energy is a dynamic web, which is very sensitive. Acmos Lecher Antenna is designed to measure human energetics and balance the bio-energies. Energy self-measurement, self repair and self-restoration can be done using ALA.

All Vastu defects are rectified to enhance human efficiency; ALA is the wonder tool, which guides us what to repair in our space so that specific problems are solved.

A Vastu consultant with ALA can diagnose the problem well and is equipped to provide right solution at right place.

IBE- Prithwe Collaboration

I am very pleased to announce IBE’s partnership with Prithwe Institute and Vastuworld, of Pune, India. Our institutes and instructors will be collaborating on and sharing curriculum and other intellectual properties, providing students of both institutes with online learning opportunities in Building Biology, Ecological Design, Traditional Indian Architecture, Vastu Shashtra, Geopathy, Sacred Geometry, and a host of other sub-disciplines. Our mutual programs will begin launching in August of this year, marking India’s 73rd year as a Republic State.

Harmonic Resonance of 5 Element

The system of five elements is found in the Vedas, especially Ayurveda, the Pancha Mahabhuta, or “five great elements”, of Hinduism are:

  1. Bhūmi (Earth),
  2. Ap or Jala (Water),
  3. Tejas or Agni (Fire),
  4. Marut, Vayu or Pavan (Air or Wind) and
  5. Vyom or Shunya (Space or Zero) or Akash (Aether or Void)

These five elements are responsible for the structure of the universe; they are the building blocks of the material world. Everything in the universe, animate and inanimate, is made up of the five Mahabhutas Vastuworld’s 5 – Element Table tops follow the Elemental Harmonics of Resonance and very effectively correct the missing element of the environment.

Healthy and Safe Homes and Offices

Today most people spend more than 90% of their lives inside buildings. During this time the nature of the enclosed environment directly affects the health, quality of life, and productivity of the occupants. Modern buildings, however, clearly have a problem providing a healthy or even appropriate indoor environment.