Geopathic stress is the real killer @ Mumbai-Pune expressway

Can the ancient science of Vastu help avert accidents on Mumbai-Pune Expressway?


Can the ancient science of Vastu help avert accidents on Mumbai-Pune Expressway?
Other than the scenery it offers, the 96-km Pune-Mumbai expressway has become
synonymous with the fatal accidents that seem to be happening at regular intervals. It is
very common to open the day’s papers and find news about an accident that has taken
place on the expressway. Just yesterday 4 people lost their lives near Kamshet, when
the tires of their vehicle burst and it crossed the median and dashed into a truck coming
from the other side. This accident did not capture many headlines as it seems that
accidents on the expressway have become regular and in some days will become
another statistic for those who frequent the expressway. Consider this in 2012 alone,
the expressway, which was opened to traffic about 12 years ago, witnessed 475
accidents in which 105 people died. The high rate of accidents on the Mumbai-Pune
Expressway has been a major cause for worry for traffic authorities. While human error
is a major causative factor in these accidents, a question that is worth exploring, but
perhaps not asked often, is whether there could be hidden factors at work causing the
human errors that prove so costly on the high speed roads.

This alarming rate of accidents on the Expressway has prompted a Pune based Vastu

expert Ar. Mayank Barjatya to conduct a fresh survey of accident-prone spots on

highways. The survey undertaken on the cause of these accidents by Ar. Mayank

Barjatya, could provide some interesting answers to these questions. According to Ar.

Barjatya, the high-accident spots (black spots) on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway lie in

geopathic stress zones which exert a profound debilitating impact on the physiological

condition of the drivers. These zones could cause critical errors while driving.

‘Geopathic’ literally means suffering or disease of the earth. Geopathic stress is stress

caused by harmful radiation arising from within the earth’s surface. According to

geophysicists, there is a natural magnetic field on the earth’s surface to which all beings

are acclimatized. Geopathic stress arises when this natural magnetic field of the earth is

distorted by weak radiations, lying beyond the electromagnetic spectrum, generated by

underground streams of water, sewers, drains, certain mineral concentrations, fault

lines and underground cavities. Detection of geopathic stress has been done for many

years by unconventional methods, unconventional in the sense that these methods do

not fall strictly within the purview of modern scientific disciplines such as physics.

Nonetheless, dowsing has been used over the millennia for detecting sources of hidden

water, minerals and gemstones.


“After a careful study, Ar Mayank Barjatya has identified these eight spots on the

expressway, where a number of accidents have taken place in the past few years:”

Spot No 1: Shedung Connector 

the area slopes slightly and vehicles automatically pick up speed. A portion of the

divider angles onto the straight stretch of road at this point and can be misleading to

drivers. Since the stretch of road approaching this point is straight, vehicles are driven

at high speed and drivers suddenly see the minor deviation and sometimes lose control.

Several accidents have occurred at this spot with vehicles ramming into the divider.

Spot No. 2: Khalapur Toll Naka

Median punctures are proving to be the main reason for accidents on the Expressway

and at this spot, the median is almost non-existent.

Spot No. 3: Khopoli Exit Point

At the Khopoli exit point, heavy vehicles are prohibited from using the old Pune-Mumbai

highway. A speed breaker at this point slows down vehicles abruptly, which causes



Spot No. 4: Khandala Exit Bridge 

During the night or when traffic flow is heavy, this

bridge gets choked. There is a sharp U-turn along with a steep incline, which slows

vehicles down to a crawl. Heavy vehicles and tankers are forced to slow down to 20

kmph or less and these vehicles sometimes stall as a result of the load. Trucks and

other vehicles travelling at a higher speed attempt to overtake the slow-moving ones

and switch lanes. This leads to collisions and several vehicles have been rammed from

behind while overtaking at this spot.

Spot No. 5: Amrutanjan Bridge

This has now come to be known as ‘killer spot’, as it has been witness to several

accidents ever since the highway was constructed. The turn below the Amrutanjan

Bridge near Lonavla, has a serious design flaw that has confused thousands of

motorists. The authorities have been struggling to come up with alternative routes and

to make technical changes. Motorists tend to get flustered while turning beneath the

bridge and sometimes lose control of their vehicles. This happens particularly when

changing lanes while approaching the turn, as drivers assume the lane reservation to be

according to the usual arrangement and are unable to suddenly change lanes owing to

the congestion on the patch.

Spot No. 6: Pharandwadi Bridge

Tyres bursting at this spot are the cause of a major number of accidents. The stretch

has numerous cracks in the road, which are affecting vehicles.

Spot No. 7: Kiwaale bypass 

Speeding has resulted in several accidents as the road is straight at this stretch. 

Each of these spots have been visited by a research team led by Ar. Mayank Barjatya

and experts from vastuworld and checked for vastu and other geopathic errors,


These kinds of detection work have been done abroad with a great deal of success, Ar.

Mayank reveals, “We are finding there is a strong correlation between crime and

geopathic stress. In Denver, when the harmonizers were offsetting the geopathic stress

lines going through the city, in the first year the crime went down 36% and the second


year it went down 51%.’ He adds further, “Now we have reports in from Los Angeles

and San Diego, as well as San Francisco areas where they are working with the

harmonizers and clearing the geopathic stress in their areas. They all report reduction in

crime. In San Diego (the first year of the project which started there in March of 1997),

there is a 28% decline in drive by shootings from the previous year. Homicide rates are

down 15.2% from last year, and robberies are down 31%. “

Quoting the example of Los Angeles, Ar. Barjatya said “In Los Angeles, they are

reporting the lowest crime rates in 20 years. They dropped 30% in the past three

months. (there are 14 harmonizers operational in L.A. area since 8/97) and many

counties in LA are now cleared of geopathic stress, beginning in February of this year,

which is when the greatest decrease has occurred in L.A. Homicides are down citywide

34% and rapes are down 50%. “

In his epitaph Ar. Mayank states, “We at vastuworld would like to install these devices at

major corrupt zones along the Pune city nodal areas, expressway and along the more

severe rural areas of the region”. He adds, “After they provide the consent we would like

to do the detailed survey & propose the installation points to reduce the accident rate. “