About the webinar

H3 Gold Lecher Antenna Webinar

This Webinar was for two days and Primarily covered the Basics – learning how to use it and the basic principle / science behind it and then moving on to measuring various Frequencies.

  • Design of H3
  • Operation / operating Instructions
  • Particular Settings / Technical data
  • Storage and Maintenance instructions
  • Accessories and spare parts

Other Important Topics Covered were

Psychodynamic Dowsing – this focuses on unconscious processes as they are manifested in the client’s present behaviour.

This approach enables  the client to examine unresolved conflicts and symptoms that arise from the past dysfunctional relationships and manifest themselves in the need and desire for solution.

Other Points Covered were

  • How Removal of Human or Information from the Energy Hologram changes the Intensity of the Energy and its Pattern
  • How to Find Reaction Line and Inspection Point inside or Outside of the Vastu.
  • H3 Gold Lecher Antenna frequency Important for Health – Specially due to Mental Disturbances and Morphogenesis.
  • Checking Human Energies / Mind Energies / Emotional & Psychological Energies
  • Morphogenesis
  • Checking RADAN , EMF , EMR and all other electronics which are affecting the home at the body level – this is a part of Home Health Audit check also and is beneficial for Home Audits.
  • Protocol to determine REMEDIES to counter balance VASTU DEFECTS checked by the H3 Gold Lecher Antenna
  • Shared the frequency for Corona as shared by Ludeling .
  • Post the Webinar – Mayank Sir has shared the Course content – Manuals / and Frequency Charts / Measuring Techniques. Videos were also shared with the participants.

Some of the Testimonials from the Participants

  • The class was very useful.  It covered my most basic query of why h”3″ to giving complete knowledge.  Thank you  Arwa Koita
  •  I have joined basic and other two classes for H3 , but this was the most  YIN class , thanks     Sandip Jain
  • Very informative session n learnt from the basics  Samir Sikder
  • Sir really awesome workshop….finally I will start using my H3 Gold Antennae – Girendra Bharti
  • Appreciated …more than expectation …Sir, u n ur h3 has changed my life to extra dimension Adil Koita
  • Amazing workshop Sir and as always amazing manual  Manoj Shrivastava

H3 Gold Lecher Antenna

H3 Gold Antenna works on the principle of electromagnetic fields, every object radiates through magnetic field these radiations can be measured In wavelengths gives us different readings calibrated at the antennal scale.

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