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Health Home Audit - Webinar March 2020

A Webinar was conducted on 29th March. to 31st. for three days, total of 9 hours session - this was on Health Home Audit and was conducted by Ar. Mayank Barjatya.

Key Points conducted in this Webinar were as below –

  • Physical & Energetic Body .Human & Space ( environment )intervention .
  • Body-Mind-Heart-Earth Resonance .
  • Identification of Unhealthy elements.
  • Cause and Reason of Defects in our home.
  • Diseases generated from Home & their impact on Body.
  • Study of EMR ,unhealthy building Material ,Wrong Design ,imbalanced Energies as culprits.
  • How to check healthy home, it’s Process and Tools needed to analyse and measure with scientific
  • validation as a Home Health Auditor ( HHA )
  • Solutions as designers and architects & remedies as Health consultants .

Why And How This Was Different?

This is the first time emphasis was given on checking the Health of the home and what are the factors that are causing sickness inside the houses .

This was an absolutely scientific approach towards Healthy Home Audit .A complete paradigm shift from the convention Vastu correction ,hence a VERY INTERESTING and RELEVANT way of auditing and correcting a House .

We Expect going forward this will become an Inherent factor when customer is deciding to buy / doing the interiors of his house , hence a VERY IMPORTANT TOOL for a VASTU CONSULANT / ARCHITECT / INTERIOR DESIGNER .

Video along with the Manual are Available for all the aspirants who want to learn about the same – PLEASE VISIT WEBSITE – www.vastuworld.com or contact us on – 9822573102

There were 25 participants – this had a mixed variety of audience – ranging from Senior Vastu Consultants /  Astrologers / Architects / Interior Designers / Healers etc.




Wonderful bio-physics session Mayank sir… for me the highlight was connecting physics (nostalgic from engineering days) with all that I have read under the spiritual energy realm .. .thank you again and looking forward for more      
… Dipika

Many thanks and appreciation for such passionate work by Mayank and team. Many best wishes Love and light to all
… Preeti Sahani

 Thank you Very much  Mayank Sir, It was nice  for me I learnt much more in this webinar. and thanks to Virusali ma’am for encouraging to attend  this…and thanks Manoj ji for all the recordings and hosting too  
… Kishan Hanswal

Respected Sir,. Thank you very much for  a very knowledgeable webinar.Moreover, e.manual is very informative as well as exhaustive on the innovative subject.However,I request you Sir,to include some essentials with the revised e.manual .e g., Glossary Term, Standards as per Indian Bureau,BIS, Council of Architecture,CPW, Institution of Engineers etc.
… Dr. Surendra Kapoor

Thank you Mayank ji, for imparting us with Ur Deep knowledge & Kind n Open Hearted sharing…!!!  Best Rgds  A Spl. Thanks to Manoj ji, for being our सूत्रधार in this journey….And to Vrushali ji, for her backend support to the Entire Group n Sir… A Hearty Thanks to one n All my Participating Friends…  . It was a Gud Time and Experience with U All…!!! Stay Safe… Stay Blessed…!!!  Best Rgds,
… Prabhat Shharrma 

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