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Geopathic stress is real. If your home or office distorts the natural resonance of the Earth, it creates geopathic stress. Living, eating, working, or sleeping in such zones adversely affects our health and well-being.

Vastuworld aims to enhance your life—by creating spaces for you that resonate with positivity, and enable good health and well-being.

We are scientific environment consultants – backed by 18 years of research, with specialization in traditional Indian architecture and supported by German building biology principles.


Get to know our team of pioneers spearheading the research at Vastuworld. Each professional brings forward a unique perspective that’s essential for the growth and development of Vastuworld 


Vastuworld is working actively in the field of energetic remediation of Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Traditional sites. Explore our past projects to know more about our work.


The solutions that Vastuworld has provided since 1998 have contributed to scores of enriched, happy, and healthy lives. At Vastuworld, we believe our work is only as good as our clients testify to.

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Vastuworld has been featured across various mainstream media for its work in ecological architecture, bio building, vastu science, and human-energy matrix.

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