At Vastuworld, we believe our work is only as good as our clients testify to. The solutions that Vastuworld has provided since 1998 have contributed to scores of enriched, happy, and healthy lives. Vastuworld has rich experience across residential, commercial, and organizational spaces, and has successfully resolved varied issues thanks to its unique offering of time-tested Indian architectural traditions and German modern scientific theory.

We present select case-studies to provide you with an idea of what all we have covered, and how we intervene to effect positive results.

Vastuworld Associate: Ajit Joshi

(Karad, Maharashtra)

Case Study: 1
Medical Store, Boargaon – Sangli

On checking the energies of the store, it was found that the store was aggressed with strong geopathic lines, toilet was in Southwest & also the septic tank underground. No doctors were available in village, so no movement of stock as a result no sales.
As a corrective measure I used 9 Direction Energy Plate, VVH, Personal Geostress Neutralizer, Main Door Correction Plate, Single identity along with 8 x 8 correction.
These measures worked and within 2 months the doctor came into the village; the store owner entered into an agreement with him and now there is an upward flow of income after the correction of geopathic stress. It is worth noting that the store income was nil for last two years.

Case Study: 2
Karmala Petrol Pump - Solapur

Southeast & Northeast was open. Litigation matters ruined the peace of mind of the owners.

I used VGR in Southwest , used cosmic symbols to create a vastu boundary to cut & protect the area. Installed Main door correction plate. We can call it a tremendous result as the sale which was only 1 tanker per week was turned to 1 tanker per day.

Case Study: 3
Bungalow in Buldhana

On checking with lecher antenna animal skull & geopathic stress were identified in the bungalow. The habitant was involved in court matters; the overall house has had the aggravation and argumentative environment.

I had to cut the house area using Geojumper. Installed VGR, 9 Direction energy plate and Labyrinth.

On the same day of installation the court matter was solved and it was a big relief for all of the habitants. It was really an amazing experience.

Vastuworld Associate: K.V. Krishna

(Hyderabad, Telangana)

Case Study: 1

At a distance of 1 Km from Kolhapur in a Dhaba, the people have had a lot of psychological disturbance. For more than three years this problem was prevailing. Though being the commercial place the returns were not even equivalent to the investments & analyzing the site, I found the need to rectify the NE corner, hence installed VV17. After installation, people commented to be relieved from the cerebral disturbance. In short the psychic disturbances especially on Amavsya was nullified with the installation of VV17.

Case Study: 2

Here at this commercial site in Nerul, the plot was in odd shape, NE was heavy, SW was little elevated, centre was depressed & the entrance was facing SW direction. As a result a people urged to get the mental peace, they were completely helpless in tackling the persisting problems. Moreover the lady owner was so much in influence of some unknown forces that she used to put stone on Amavsya. On site visit, I realized the problems have had the severe effect & some very powerful rectification methodology has to be utilized. I installed 12 nos of VV17 in this plot. As an outcome of this installation, it was seen that all the prevailing problems were vanished and even the sales have were increased considerably.

Vastuworld Associate: Vishwas Pawar

(Pune, Maharashtra)

Case Study: 1
R.K. Residency (Commercial)

It is multistory building with 12 flats in each building. Construction was complete & flats were ready to use. 3 month passed since its completion, but none of the flats were sold. 

At the check it is observed that Southwest had a slope and energy was low. On the auspicious day of Gurupushyamrut, installed VGR. The next of the installation 2 of the flats were sold. To cut the southwest slope used Geo jumpers.

Case Study: 2
Jewellery Shop & Residence

The critical problem with the jewellery shop was running on credit basis and no debt recovery from its customers was possible. On visiting the shop; I could mark that the Northwest was open and there was balcony in Southwest. I used VVH near terrace balcony; installed cosmic symbols and personal VVH. Also did 8 x 8 correction to release the Brahmasthan area in the shop. After installation Rs. 40 Lakhs could be recovered from the customer and the business has a smooth run. The owner is satisfied and happy with the correction that changed the total picture of the business.

Case Study: 3

The house opened in Southeast, had a bedroom in Northeast & Northwest. NW was cut with the terrace. The owner of the house held an executive post in BSNL. He had filed a divorce application in the court which was pending for a long time. He had lost his mental peace.

I installed 9 Direction energy plates, 5 Element energy plates, Cosmic Symbols, VV17 and Personal Geostress Neutraliser. Later within two months as a result of the corrective measure taken my client was promoted to higher post (it was after 8 years), his pending appeal for divorce was proceeded, he was relieved and his second marriage was arranged.

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