What is Bhaktamar Stotra

Bhaktamar Stotra, an ageless Jain panegyric, is capable of unleashing powerful healing via each of the 48 verses. Every verse has 4 fragments and every fragment has 14 letters. The complete assortment is formed by 2688 letters. Every single letter is capable of evoking effect. However, it all depends upon one’s dedication, concentration and receptiveness while chanting or listening to it to attain the desired goal.

Today, we have some revolutionary scientific concepts of Cymatics used for sound therapy healing. But ages ago, Jain Tirthankaras deftly defined the importance of sound vibrations with Bhaktamar Stotras, which is in use since ancient times, for healing via sound.

Along with practical applications – of quantum energy, bio-energetics and Lecher antenna – sound, geometry and infinity come together forming synergetic combinations.

A combined trio – the sound of Bhaktamar Stotras (mantra), geometry being the yantra (sacred geometry) and Infinity (tantra) being the movement of energies – has been captured in 48 Infinity energies, as one synergized amalgamation of concepts as a unique healing technique.

48 Bhaktamar Infinity Energy

Redefining the Energy of the Bhaktamar Stotras

The 48 Infinity Energy, an extensive research in reintroducing the effects of energy healing with a Jain panegyric- Bhaktamar stotra- with Sacred Geometry and Cymatics is one synergized system, of its kind

Until now, Bhaktamar stotras, the classical 48 healing mantras, have been proven to have determining effects with sound alone. But sound without geometry loses the visual energy connect and would be incomplete.

With the formation of a complete synergized system by adding geometry to the existing effects of sound healing capabilities of Bhaktamar stotras, this research has resurfaced and redefined the performance of its energetics and its effects in healing; for everyone who understands or wills to understand the wonders of sound vibrations with geometry and infinity.

A derivation of Jain stotras and Kabbalah sciences combined with myriad facets of energy healing, 48 Infinity Energy is the characterisation of the effects of each verse on the consciousness and the physical realm in the form of the 48 Bhaktamar Infinity Energy Cards.

48 Bhaktamar Infinity Energy (English)

48 भक्तामर अनंत ऊर्जा (हिंदी)


The human body restores the vibrational energy generated with the transfer of sound waves. This type of energy transfer encompasses waves and frequencies that produce resonance.


Each geometric design is a pattern of energy/force that can be heard in the mantra (sound-syllable) and each encloses its own unique power-pattern.


The dynamic movement of energies between Mantra and Yantra are hence described as Tantra.


Along with the 48 Bhaktamar Infinity Energy Cards, we recommend using the H3 Gold Lecher Antenna to measure bio-resonance frequencies and determine the ailment to be remedied by using these cards.

Bhaktamar Energy 30 Days Organised Learning

We are proud to present to you the first online class on Bhaktamar – 48 Infinity Energy, as mentioned by Mayank Sir in the below Video, this is going to be a truly enlightening and enriching journey towards learning of this beautiful and healing concept of Bhaktamar Energy. 

This has an amalgamation of two philosophies from two different cultures of the world – the Jain Concept of Infinity and the principles of Kabbalah. This wholistic approach is one of its kind that has never been tired before. This also involves the practical application of quantum energy, bio- energetic, Lecher antenna – sound, geometry and infinity coming together to form a synergetic combination.

You will find the technique intuitive and subjective in nature, theoretically impeccable and practically applicable. Each element has been broken down with detailed explanation to acquaint you with each type of energy that comes together to generate a powerful HEALING.


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