Testimony of Bhaktamar Infinity Card users

The Bhaktamar Infinity Cards are used for healing the human body. The cards have immensely helped more than 200 people in the last 4 years and continue to do the same for many more.

Here are the testimonials of a few people that have been healed by the Infinity Cards.

Sandeep Jain

Bhaktambar Cards

10 days back I gave 4 Bhaktambar cards, Mantras to a lady whose Lungs are working only 20%.

Incidentally one of the cards which came out was of Drugs reaction and it proved to be correct as the lady’s lungs condition was due to a wrong medicine administered to her few years back.

4 days after I gave her cards, Bhaktambar Mantras and a Labrynth, she was admitted into ICU and for few seconds she was almost no more.

But she survived and came back to life and now she is recovering well.

When she came to senses in ICU, 1st thing she asked for her Bhaktambar Cards and Labrynth below her pillow.

Its my New Year News to my friends.

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