Vastuworld Online Learning Program 2019 in Scientific Vastu Shastra

Basic Course in Scientific Vastu

Next level after foundation would help you delve deep into the practical application & basic understanding on:

  • Astrophysics with understanding of Sun , Moon and other planets impact on Vastu
  • Physics of Geopathic Stress
  • Energy Interference & H3 Gold Lecher Antenna
  • Cosmic, Global & Telluric Remedies

Intermediate Upgradation Course in Scientific Vastu

Just before the advance this course will let you learn the secrets of professional practice & site implementation on:

  • 9-Directional Zone divisions and analysis based on Vedic Principles
  • Geo-stress Mapping and analytics of geostress on the space & human
  • Environmental, Health, Esoteric & Chakra Protocols using H3 Gold Lecher Antenna
  • Rectification remedies selection & on site installation process by H3 Gold Lecher Antenna

Advanced Upgradation Course in Scientific Vastu

You are now ready to be an energy apprentice; this would be your first hand experience on site with Ar. Mayank:

  • Determining of Ayadi Calculations using Scientific principles & implementation on site
  • Geo-stress & brain connection, Process of Holographic & Past connections check, Entities & Paranormal
  • H3 Gold lecher Antenna process on site for human and space energy interpretation for rectification
  • Advance remedies, based on Radiesthesia, feelings and intuitive check using Ar.Mayank’s experience

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