Earth energies

Earth Energies

This is the science of positive effect of energy of five elements, it is related to magnetic, thermal and electric energy.

According to Vastushastra, the rays of the sun should come inside the house. Due to sunlight in most part of the house, many defects of that place are eliminated. The Sun is the basis of the entire universe. The Sun is the causative planet of energy and creativity. There is life on Earth only by the energy of the Sun. One of the five elements of the Sun is also very important in Vastu Shastra. Suryadev is considered to be the form of fire, so in Vastu Shastra, Sun is considered to be of special importance 


Energies on Earth

We have many types of energy that have an effect on our lives as well. To maintain balance in nature, there is an interaction between water, earth, air, fire and sky (the five elements), which affects every living being on this earth. The interaction between these five elements is called Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is the science of actions of five elements. Sadhu Mayan is the father of Vastu in South India and Vishwakarma is considered responsible in North India.

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