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Vastuworld is a liberal learning center adhering to Indian traditional architectural ethos and modern scientific principles since 1998. Through our training, we also offer a glimpse at the latest architectural and vastu innovation techniques being developed by our team. Our principal speaker Architect and Bio-energetician Mayank Barjatya has earned great repute as an expert in Indian Vastu Shastra and German Bau Biology. 


Vastuworld has developed educational collaboration with BZS Germany, IBBE (Institute of Building Biology & Ecology) New Zealand, and IBE (Institute of Building Biology and Ecology) USA.
Scientific tools and the use of technical diagnostics have been the hallmark and unique strength of Vastuworld and Architect Mayank since 1998. The Vastuworld Academy is the only source of getting training in European measuring tools.


The Vastuworld Academy is your one-stop center for scientific, integrated and practical-based learning of various concepts related to vastu, architecture, energy and environment. Be a changemaker. 


Move beyond form, function and aesthetics to embrace happiness and prosperity via fulfilling architecture. Vastuworld Workshops are designed to offer flexibility to your learning schedule.

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