Foundation Course 2019

Foundation Course 2019

The workshop was a balance between theory and practice. The students were not just given a foundation in the vaastu Shastra but shown how it can be connected with the teachings of bio-energetics to create a holistic understanding of the interaction between spaces and human bodies. They were shown how to find the center of their own bodies which would aid them in connecting to the energy of the space they are working with. 

The 3-day foundation course held in June 2019 by Architect Mayank Barjatya in Pune brings the science of Vastu back within the reach of anyone who wants to learn. The workshop aimed to dispel the mystery surrounding this corpus of knowledge by showing its students that anyone can identify and correct the energy of a space.

Measurement of Bioenergies using H3 Gold Lecher Antenna
Hands-on Learning at Foundation Course 2019

They received a chance to see and use the antennae and remedial systems being developed by Naduhl based on the principles of core energetics. Thus by the end of the workshop, they were armed with the knowledge to conduct rectification projects in their own homes or the homes of their clients. 

Vaastu is a science that is intimately connected to the human being. Our bodies are highly sensitive and can identify and react to energy imbalances in the environment. As a result of losing touch with this intuitive capacity, we believe that vastu correction can only be performed by experts. While expert knowledge is useful, once we reconnect with this inner sensitivity, we will be able to make the changes to our spaces that will aid in unlocking our deepest potential. The foundation course at Prithwe aimed to re-establish this intimacy between the individual and his space.


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