Earth vibrations have a strong impact on your body, positive earth gives you all energies to perform the best and weak or negative earth sucks your essential energies to make you feel sick and diseased. Vastuworld is the pioneer in geopathic stress detection systems in India (Earth Magnetometers, E-smog Spion, H3 Gold Lecher Antenna). Vastuworld geostress reversers such as VV17, VGR & VVH have been used in huge quantities since 1999 by students & end users to get them relieved from geostress at residences, offices and industries.

Geopathic stress is the Earth vibrations which rise up through the earth and distorted by weak

electromagnetic fields created by subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations,

fault lines and underground veins. It has been quite evident that any building plot or site which

has geo stresses is not compatible to human health. Vastu world is the only research institute in

India which has a special cell for identification, rectification and remedies suitable for these Geo

stresses since last 10yrs.


Geopathic stress line and your body have a prime interaction which may contribute to health related issues. In case you live in Geopathic stresses, it can affect your immune system to cardiovascular deficiencies to lesser effects like chronic body pains, headaches, sudden signs of physical ageing, irritability, restless sleep are two common factors, to serious ones like brain damages, infertility and miscarriages.


Geopathy is an interesting word, in which “geo” obviously means earth and “pathic” indicates

both a disease as well as cure for a disease. It indicates the ability to feel, perceive or be sensitive

to specific energies. It is a study of earth energies and their effect on human body. Occurrence of

Sick building syndrome or the EMF pollution may originate due to geopathic stresses. Prior to

build any structure on site or plot one must conduct the investigations for avoiding any kind of

health concerns, emotional problems, restless energy and various other issues.

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