Learn !! Heal !! Rejuvenate !! Connect !! Ground !! Breathe !! and Much More!!!!!!

Nadhul Earth Portal offers lifetime experiences –
Learn @ Training centre – Earth Energies / Geobiology & Geopathy
Rejuvenate @ Healing Centre – connect with Mother Earth / recharge & revitalize your Mind, Body & Soul.
Grounding @ Earth Walk – take off your shoes and feel the limitless healing energies .

Naduhl is the next step in holistic architecture that provides design and remediation guidelines for energetic harmony in human spaces.

Naduhl combines the learnings of ancient wisdom across cultures as well as the applications of modern science to derive a deep and thorough energetic understanding of the human space.

Naduhl Energetic Solutions

Direction Portal

Changing the vastu zone alignment of the space by
switching the polarity of the
North-East to South-West
energetic flow

Black Box Disruptor

Absorbing excessive electromagnetic radiation and
generates harmonized energy
in IR form

Energy Portal

Transferring energy from a positive position to the target location or position.

An Energetic Map of a Site Is as Critical as a Blueprint Naduhl Energetics Are Transformative

The Naduhl Curriculum


Certification Courses

Diploma Courses

Internship Programs

Naduhl is a journey that anyone can embark on. With curriculum options ranging from 5 days to 3 years, Naduhl offers everyone the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective to architecture. Be it architecture students who want to elevate their design to the energetic level or healers who wish to gain energetic insight to help people, Naduhl has an all-encompassing model.

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