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We craft spatial experiences

Vastuworld energy consultancy offers a scientific process to get a spatial overhaul and rejuvenated experience of your home or workspace. We help you connect the dots between your health & happiness. This will be our architecture for your enhanced living.

Vastuworld aims to enhance your life—by creating spaces for you that resonate with positivity, and enable good health and well-being.

We are scientific environment consultants – backed by 18 years of research, with specialization in traditional Indian architecture and supported by German building biology principles.


Opt for Vastuworld’s Energy Consultancy to get a detailed analysis of the energies inhabiting your immediate environment. We aim at resolving any disturbances and offering you a balanced surrounding

Rectification Solutions

Vastuworld has been working relentlessly to bring scientific and extensive research based products to all our benefactors. Read along to know more about the how, what and why of our remedies and their installation details.

Radiation Free Safe Homes

Get you home or site assessed for EMF induced disturbances and learn how you can protect yourself from the negative impact of E-Smog. Vastuworld EMF Assesment offers a complete and permanent solution!

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