Bio- Energetics and Environmental correlation

Date:   27th March - 28th March 2020    |    Venue:  Uday Baug, Pune    |    Fees:   INR. 16,000 Only

Key Points for this Workshop :

  • Energy Grids affecting Human and Environmental relationship 
  • Global Field / Geopathic Field 
  • Geopathic Stress
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H3 Gold Lecher Antenna

H3 Gold Lecher Antenna is a German Engineered, Radiesthesia tool instrumental in harmonizing human connection with the energetic macrocosm. H3 Gold Antenna works on the principle of electromagnetic fields, every object radiates through magnetic field these radiations can be measured In wavelengths gives us different readings calibrated at the antennal scale. Initially, H3 Gold Antenna was developed for understanding & transmitting radiations inside the human body.

Features of H3 Gold Lecher Antenna:

  • Quantify Human – Space Energies
  • Detect more than 78 Vastu and Geobiology Frequencies
  • Detect Energetic Anomalies

And many more which will be covered in this workshop

Kaya Madhya Sutram

“Kaya Madhya Sutram” is an ancient Vedic system of centering your body’s natural energies for optimum health.

Indian Traditional Architecture relies heavily on reference to human body proportion and scale. Since the practice of space making has always been human centred, a house designed in accordance with the teachings of Kaya Madhya Sutram

Kaya Madhya Sutram involves an invisible line running from middle of the head to the space between the two feet, dividing the body into two equal halves, and discusses how alignments from and towards it making for geometrical lines that generate different types of energy. Just like the square, circle and rectangle in architecture and sculpture.

Geopathic Stress

What is Geopathic Stress?

It is the general term for energies emanating from the earth that can cause discomfort and ill health. Nowadays, people may live in the same building for many years and their exposure to a particular form of negative energy could last for a long time.                                              


Geopathic energy is an insidious phenomenon. We cannot see it or adequately explain it in current scientific terms, but the effects of it are likely to prove at least as devastating as environmental pollution. Geopathic energies pass through walls, windows and closed doors.

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