Earthing Tray


Material : wooden tray





Personal solution to earth connection specially for evil eyes and health issues.Earthing and earth energy is an essential part of our day-to-day life. Vastuworld team has worked out a solution, which will help you and your dear ones to connect to mother earth while working or sitting on a chair.
Earth energy connection has as special sand, which acts as earth representation tray. The sand or soil should be procured from a true non-polluted source. After few days or months you can also replace the sand with your local mud or soil.


The Tray can be placed on bedside table or on office table where you can conformably put your fingers inside the tray.
Black river stone specially sourced act as a catalyst to this feeling, when periodically felt without the sand and soil the texture of the stone when touched with fingertips gives a feeling of stability and firmness. Benefits- This tray can be used for general betterment, good feeling and also for people who have weak earth energies and cannot walk bare foot.
This earth connection does not have any medicinal claims and we do not hold any responsibility on the same but surly will help people with backaches, neck stiffness and early tiredness.


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