Architectural Design and Vastu Consultancy for NEW PROJECTS – PROPERTY SELECTION

5,000.00 2,500.00

This Report will Include Basic Check for Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Property.

  • Check for Property Pre-buying, Maximum Selection from 3 alternatives only
  • Whether the property is suitable for Home or Work Place
  • Should I purchase \ Rent this property


  • We will help you in Property Selection – i.e whether Property is Vastu Compliant.
  • Maximum 3 property checks, in case you want more than that, then that will ensure additional cost.
  • We will guide you whether the property is suitable for you.
  • In case you have decided on the property and the same has some Vastulogical problems,
  • then please avail of your consultancy for Vastu Rectification.
  • What is required from You?

i) Send us the Home / Office floor plans.

ii) Ensure the Direction marking is done on the same.

iii) Please send the Google location also.

  • Where do I Send this? Very Simple – You may use any of the below options –

i) Email it to us on –

ii) Whatsapp on – 9175907686

iii) Click on this link  –

Click on the Contact us Tab under this heading – Vastu Logical Interior & Exterior Design , fill in the form and upload the Drawing .

  • We will revert to you within 24 hours of payment and receipt of the drawings.

For Above Analysis Please Email or Whatsapp your Home or Office Floor Plans with North Direction marked at or +91 9175907686


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